INSTANT-HEAT WOOD PELLETS INC. manufactures high-quality wood pellets that are produced from top quality, 100% pure wood fiber hardwood by products.  Our products have no additives, are environmentally safe.  They contain less than 1% ash per volume.  We package our wood pellets in 3.5mil heavy-duty bags. We use a 3mil ultraviolet ray and moisture protection pallet covers to provide a tight, weather resistant product. 


To manufacture wood pellets Instant Heat Wood Pellets Inc. uses sawdust produced from quality hardwoods. The sawdust is processed then extruded under pressure into pellets with a diameter averaging 1/4 to 5/16 of an inch in length. Wood pellets are sold packaged in 40 lbs bags. Bags of pellets can be stacked in an area as small as four feet wide, long and high, an area about half the space needed for a cord of wood. Bags of pellets can be stored in as small area of a dry garage, basement, utility room or shed.

Pellet fuel produces very little ash due to high combustion ratio to residue. A typical 40 lb bag of premium wood pellets is reduced into only 1 ounce of ash. Wood pellets are sealed in 3.5 mil plastic bags with optional 3mil pallet cover for storing. Pellets are sterilized during the extrusion process reducing molds and fungi equated with cordwood that can cause allergic reactions in the home.

Our high quality wood pellets have a moisture content of 10-12% and are hydrophilic and therefore sensitive to water droplets. The shiny surface of the pellets is caused by partial plasticizing of the lining in the wood due to high pressure and the evaporation of terpenes during the production process. The surface protects the pellets from absorbing any significant amount of airborne water vapor under normal atmospheric conditions. However, wood pellets have to be protected from direct water penetration. If exposed to water droplets from, for example condensation, the pellets will gradually decompose and lose their effectiveness as a fuel.

Advantages of Wood Pellets

–    Reduces our dependence on oil and gas!

–    Pellet fuel cost is not dictated by world events: therefore cost is more affordable and predictable!

–    Since pellet stove emissions are so low they can be burned in most areas even those with burning restrictions!

–    Pellet fuel has been proven to provide the cleanest burn of any solid fuel!

–    One ton of wood pellets have the heat value of about one and a half cords of wood and stacks easily in one third the space!

–   Wood pellets are a clean, natural, environmentally friendly, renewable fuel resource!

–   Only minimal clearance is needed for appliance installation. Because of the near total combustion pellet stoves produce virtually no creosote. This also allows installation of a pellet stove by direct vent without a chimney!

–   Reduces waste destined for landfills and the cost of disposing waste is greatly reduced!