What is Olive POMACE  Energy?

Olive Biomass is the most efficient alternative to coal, known as the premium-quality agricultural biomass fuel.

Olive Biomass is the solid residue from the production of olive oil industry . The solid olive residues that remain after the virgin olive oil extraction process are called olive pits and dried olive cake.

Olive biomass is a renewable energy and sustainable fuel source that has many possible efficient uses. The olive pits and kernel/ olive cake can be upgraded to other types of solid energy carriers like pellets, briquettes and charcoal.

Every litre of olive oil produced results in roughly 5 kg of olive waste.

Benefits of Biomass Energy:

  • Carbon-neutral combustion due to olive trees’ high absorption of atmospheric carbon.
  • Sustainable and Endlessly renewable Ensuring annually production.
  • Its high calorific value largely exceeds that of other wood or agricultural biomass.
  • High density, very concentrated fuel.
  • Reliable source of energy.