ELHELBAWY FOR BIOMASS INDUSTERY. is one of a family owned industrial companies operating successfully in different business sectors in the Egyptian market for over 37 years till date.

Bio energy will be soon the main source of energy in many countries worldwide. Alternative energies are replacing fossil, a renewable sustainable source of energy mostly derived from plants, for that and from our believe on the importance of a sustainable use of our nature resources, promoting green job creating a sustainable development worldwide, we established our first biomass factory ” ELHELBAWY FOR BIOMASS INDUSTERY’ producing OLIVE POMACE PELLETS as our first line of production where so many other biomass products to come growing the business together for a better environment for all.

6 and 8 cm/Diameter
Low Moisture Content
Low Ash Content
High Density & Durability


Olive POMACE is the most efficient alternative to coal, known as the premium-quality agricultural biomass fuel.
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Olive Pellets

Olive POMACE is a renewable energy and sustainable fuel source that has many possible efficient uses.
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Biomass Energy is The Future Energy